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Usually BMX riders take the time and effort to put a bike and race gear together that fits their style. So your number plate decal be in your style too.

At BMXSTICKER.EU you can find the number plate decal you need.

The price for a  BOX phase 1 number plate decal is 13.75 *

* Price is excluding shipment

On the custom made BOX number plate decal basically every thins is possible.  You can choose one of the designs and we will adapt the colours to your wishes. Also we can print on your number, but also sponsor logo's, your name, picture or whatever you would like to have on the number plate sticker.

The BOX plates sticker are available in two sizes. BOX small and BOX big.

If you have special request please sent an email with your requirements.  We will take your ideas, create a design and submit a proof to you for final approval.

The number plate stickers and side or lateral plates are printed on water and UV proof vinyl print and cutted wirh our Roland printer.


SIDE PLATE:We also have side personalized side plates with name number and country flag.
The price for a  BOX number plate sticker is 10.00 *

We also have T-shirt decals, which you can iron  to your T-shirt your selves.

The price for a  T-shirt decall is 12.50*


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